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Quarterly Newsletter on SHG movement in Meghalaya. The aim of producing 50,000 metric tonnes per annum of the variety for the next five years, i.
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    ), has its uniqueness with a very high curcumin content of about 6-7.

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  • It is also more disease and pest resistant comparatively.
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    Turmeric is one of the major horticultural crops in Meghalaya but its production was a mere 7381 metric tons in 2012-2013.

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    The demand is huge – 8,00,000 metric tons.

  • The month of March is the ideal time for preparation of the soil.
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    spice crops like Lakadong turmeric, Bird’s eye chilli, King chilli and Nadia ginger which has high market demand for their unique features (Momin et al.

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